Découpage Artists Worldwide (National Guild of Découpeurs)

Découpage Artists Worldwide (DAW) is a growing International Non-Profit Association, tracing its origin back via the National Guild of Découpeurs (NGD), which was founded in the 1970’s in the United States by students of Hiram Manning-the artist, author and decorated veteran who brought découpage from Normandy to the United States. The Association is dedicated to providing education in the wonderful art of découpage, encouraging a high level of quality, offering an exchange of creative ideas and a bi-annual Convention and Exhibition.

As growth develops, regional chapters are formed where members can join together to hold workshops and learn the many techniques of découpage. Inspiration, creativity and knowledge are generated, leading the découpage artist into new horizons and lasting relationships.

Come along and discover the amazing world of découpage!

Our next Convention will be held in Durban, South Africa! Please take a look at Convention Booklet and consider planning your journey!


Random Pictures from our Galleries

Joh Sun Kyung: Wine Cabinet

Kathy Joyce

Nancy Crage: Fan Box with Eggshell

Cho Moon Sook: Artdeco Folding Screen